16 July 2015


I spent the majority of 2011-2012 picking away at a longer story called Gauntlet, which was to be a semi-autobiographical coming-of-age story about holiday camps, arcade games and being a shy kid. 

For various reasons it never really clicked - my working methods were all over the place and I never actually wrote a full script, choosing to work (for some inexplicable reason) in little segments, hoping they would piece together.  In hindsight, this was never going to result in a satisfying narrative.

I've thought about going back to it a few times, but after getting into Adventure Time years later, the mix of kid banter and sword and sorcery sequences don't feel as fresh to me now.  So, for your perusal, here's some of the better work produced for it...

(Apologies for the lame Instagram filters)

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