30 July 2016

Moose Kid Comics 3

Moose Kid Comics is back with a third issue, and I have another instalment of Big Things Hiding Behind Small Things in there.  This time Sir Tiny has been to the opticians for some snazzy eyewear.

You can read the whole issue (plus the previous two and Christmas Special) at www.moosekidcomics.com.

27 July 2016

'R' Good Enough

What can I say?  This one has been hanging out on the waiting list for a while.  How could I resist drawing Sloth?  They really don't make kids adventure movies like The Goonies any more - films with grit and humour and genuine danger - which is a real shame.  A mainstay of my adolescence, along with every other discerning kid of the 80s and early 90s.

25 July 2016

Who's She Gonna Call?

A little set of portraits in honour of the new Ghostbusters movie.  I'm suspicious of remakes as a rule, and such a big fan of the original, but I love Paul Feig's other movies (especially The Heat) and thought the all-female reinvention was a great idea.  Remakes are like musical cover versions - the worst thing you can do is just retread the original.  This movie did it's own thing and it was fantastic.  Ems LOVED it, more than the original (and she loves the original).  Now I'm hoping Lego get their act together and put out a proper Lego Ghostbusters game that covers all three movies.

21 July 2016

If It Bleeds, We Can Kill It

I grew up in the 1980s and early 90s and, like all sensible boys and girls, ultra-violent, one-liner-filled action movies on VHS were a large proportion of my cinematic diet.  Predator was always one of the best, surpassing (alongside the Terminator movies) Arnie's typical fare to provide a tense, iconic sci-fi slasher movie like no other. 

12 July 2016

Flames... On The Side Of My Face...

I have started doing some more Little Portraits, as they're fun and people seem to like them.  Clue is a big favourite in our household - a fantastic mix of cosy crime, farce and screwball comedy.  Just a perfect, one-of-a-kind film.  And Cluedo is also my favourite game of all time, so it all comes together perfectly.  If ever there was a film begging for a Ladykillers-quality stage adaptation, it's this.