2 February 2016

WIP Poster

Work in progress shot from a poster I've been doing for a work exhibition. Can you guess the year?

2 January 2016

The Really, Really, Really Ridiculously Good Looking Art Show

My piece for Gallery1988's The Really, Really, Really Ridiculously Good Looking Art Show, which opens next weekend.

11 December 2015

WIP Film Poster

Work in progress shot from a film poster I've been working on for an exhibition. Can you guess the film?

1 December 2015

Moose Kid Comics Christmas Special

Jamie Smart's all-ages anthology Moose Kid Comics has a Christmas Special out today, and I'm one of the 27 artists contributing seasonal strips.  This time in Big Things Hiding Behind Small Things, Sir Tiny Smallbottom is on a pun-infused wintery expedition in search of the Yeti...

The full comic can be viewed for free at moosekidcomics.com.  Jamie has also set up a brilliant scheme to get printed copies of Moose Kid into children's hospitals and similar venues where they can help brighten the lives of kids having a rough time of it.  Please contribute at crowdfunding.justgiving.com/moosekidcomics.

20 October 2015

Drawing In Colour

I've been dissatisfied with my working practices (and the end results) for a while now and have started putting some changes into effect that will hopefully make creating artwork easier and more enjoyable for me.

Part of this is a renewed focus on proper experimentation in my sketchbook.  I've started dicking about with cheap felt pens, building up characters in blocks of colours, with limited line work.  It's pretty rough at the moment, but I'm feeling reinvigorated by the process, so it's definitely doing some good.

19 October 2015

Sergio Leone Commission

A personal commission I did of the three leads from The Good, The Bad and the Ugly.