8 February 2017

The Cliffs Of Insanity

The Cliffs Of Insanity for SquaredCo and CinĂ©polis' The Princess Bride 30th Anniversary Event. The exhibition opened yesterday and runs until 12th February.  A limited supply of prints are available to purchase here.

31 January 2017

Up To Eleven

My first Little Portrait set of 2017 and another one that's been on my list since the early days.  This Is Spinal Tap is truly a perfect film - exquisitely acted and ever quotable.

I'll be looking to get this and my Little Portrait sets from last year printed up soon after stocks of the old sets have sold out.

27 January 2017

Inktober 2016 Update

As part of the Inktober challenge, in the run-up to Halloween 2016, I produced a Little Portrait per day of my favourite movie monsters and villains. After some revisions and tweaking here and there, here are all 31 assembled as one set.

I'm looking to put this out as a 12" x 12" print in the near future.  It also opens up interesting possibilities for 36-character sets of portraits, which I will be trying out soon.

25 January 2017

'Champion' Bottles & Taps

I created this logo design for 'Champion' Bottles & Taps, a new bottle shop that's opened up in the Heaton area of Newcastle upon Tyne.  It's a tiny but beautiful establishment that stocks craft beer, natural wine and cider from small companies and microbreweries around the world.

21 November 2016

John Carpenter Pixel Art

I've been teaching pixel art to my students - it's a new technique to me, so I need a bit of practice.  This is one of my better ones - a none-more-80s icon for a none-more-80s illustration style.

18 November 2016

Inktober 2016

After years of watching from the sidelines I finally took part in Inktober this year, indulging in my Little Portraits and love of horror movies to create a Halloween Advent Calendar of my favourite villains and monsters.  Aside from some missed days and catch-ups, I penciled and inked one of these every day throughout the month of October.  Once I've made some tweaks and revisions, a print version will be forthcoming.