30 November 2017

Morpheus Pixel Art

I was showing my Level 1 students an easy pixel art technique and was playing around with this Matrix-inspired piece as an example.

22 November 2017

Monster Ink

I created this Betelgeuse for SquaredCo's #MonsterInk exhibition on Instagram.  A different movie monster was unveiled each day of October, with mine having the great honour of appearing on the 31st.  Each one had to be black-and-white and ideally, to fit with Inktober, be pen and ink.  This one was done in brush pen, black Berol felt tip and Promarkers.

3 November 2017

Low-Poly Shaun

I was showing my Level 1 students how to create low-poly illustrations for their film poster project and created this rough-and-ready Shaun of the Dead illustration as an example.