20 December 2018

Further Rotoscoping Practice

One of my students couldn't complete their sequence in our collaborative rotoscoping animation, so I had to step in and complete it on their behalf.  This sequence occurs immediately before my previous sequence.  This one is a little more polished than the last one and a little more interesting in terms of what is going on.  It's laborious as techniques go, but if I were to work from specially-filmed footage I know how to make it more efficient.

7 December 2018

Blackadder The Third Play

I allowed the Grantham Dramatic Society to use my Blackadder illustrations for their recent production of Curtis & Elton's Blackadder The Third.  I enjoyed doing these for Mustard magazine way back when and so it was nice to see them get another airing.

6 December 2018

Rotoscoping Practice

In order to teach the practicalities of large scale animation productions, my Level 1 class have been doing a collaborative rotoscoping mini-project, where they've been animating a 2-second snippet from a longer scene from Return Of The Jedi.  When they're done I'll edit all the snippets back together to make a short animated film.  It's a bit of gamble, as this level of student can be fairly unreliable, so I'm hoping it will encourage them to pull together as a team.

I joined in myself very late in game, so here's my rough-and-ready contribution - a fairly dull shot of Luke looking pensive, post-battle.  The process can be a bit laborious but I've already figured out ways to improve and streamline my working methods, and so have got to thinking about doing a little project of my own.